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Residential Trash Service Brownwood TX

Join today for huge savings on your trash hauling needs!

We are committed to keeping our prices affordable. Stop dealing with the games that these other companies are playing! Come join our family and enjoy peace of mind knowing that we are consistent with our prices and our service.

Serving Brown County.  A Residential Trash Service

Now Serving Brown and surrounding counties.  Stop overpaying for your residential trash hauling needs. We are bringing a low cost and reliable service to our area because we are tired of the big companies charging outrageous prices for a service that should be affordable for everyone. We also run snow, sleet, rain, or shine. Trash service is a need, not a convenience, and must be treated as such.

          Garbage Collection Service For 

Lake Brownwood, Grosvenor, May, Owens, Bangs, Zephyr, Brookesmith, Trickham, Winchell, Indian Creek, Santa Anna, Antioch, Blanket, Cross Plains, Rising Star TX, and all areas in between.

 We are Harvey and Holly and teenagers (Ugh...) Haley and Haven Newton.  We have lived in the Lake Brownwood area for more than a decade. We love living this country life but know the trash removal companies were lacking. We started this business to offer a better, low-cost solution to rural trash collections. With very little options available, the big businesses have taken advantage and prices have skyrocketed. So we decided to offer a better solution. 

 Our low-cost plans are affordable. We offer 96 gallon trash bins for only $29.99+tax. Trash bins will be delivered at no charge. We can provide an additional 96 gallon bin for an additional $19.99+tax a month. No hidden fees or surcharges. Best of all, our prices will not increase. Some companies may come in and offer you a deal that is too good to be true. Just to turn around and raise the prices on you. Not us! What you see here is what you get.

 Unscheduled overflow trash may be billed at $10 per bin per week.  If needed, you may schedule an extra pickup for $10/bin. Contact us for more details. We look forward to having your business and having a big impact on our community.

Please Note

 We start collecting early in the morning so we ask that you put your bins out early, before 6 am, or the night before scheduled pick up day. Trash must fit in the bin with the lid closed. We ask that trash be bagged and tied off.  We will pick up broken down boxes. Just set them next to the bin for recycling.  

Items not accepted for residential pickup:

 Construction debris including: Rock, concrete, dirt, drywall, flooring etc. We can collect these items but they have to be separate from household trash and an additional charge will occur. Contact us for a quote.

Items not accepted at any time:

 Paint, chemicals, flammable liquids, lead, hazardous/toxic waste, liquid waste, grease or grit trap waste, septic tank pumpings, discarded material containing asbestos, and other waste classified by the Texas Commission  on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).


 Christmas Eve and Christmas day are the only holidays we will not run on. We will pickup starting the day after Christmas if your normal pickup day falls on either one of those days.   

Contact us by hitting the contact button at the top corner of this page. 

You can also reach us at  or by phone: 325-430-9718  /  325-203-6317.

Junk Removal

  We also will haul off any junk or debris that you need removed. If you have left over construction material, old appliances, tree limbs, whatever you have that needs to go, give us a call and watch it disappear.